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Firearm Permit Information

Gun Locks Available To Rochester Residents

The Rochester Police Department has cable-style gun locks available to Rochester residents at no charge. They are available for pick up at the station 24/7.

FID And License To Carry Application Process
For New License Requests & Renewals

How to apply:

Click here to:
View / Print Info & Requirements for Applying for FID or LTC

Click here to: View / Print the FID or LTC Application Form

Return your completed application to the Rochester Police Department with the appropriate payment listed below in the form of a check or money order payable to the "Town of Rochester." We do not accept cash and your application will not be accepted without the appropriate payment. Application forms may also be picked up at the police station at 29 Dexter Lane at any time.

Change Of Address Notification For License To Carry Firearms & Firearms Identification Card

Firearm Licensing Review Board Petition For Review

  • Use this form to petition the Firearm Licensing Review Board for a review of a misdemeanor conviction.
  • View or print this form.

Massachusetts Firearm Registration & Transfer System

The Massachusetts Firearm Registration and Transfer System is used "to report the sale, transfer, inheritance, or loss of the firearms to the Department of Criminal Justice Information Services Firearms Records Bureau (FRB). This online system will allow you to report the sale, transfer, inheritance, or loss / theft data electronically to the FRB."

Firearm Safety Tips

Treat every firearm as if it was loaded.

You can never guarantee that your chamber is unloaded. Give an unloaded firearm the same respect you would give a loaded firearm.

Watch where you point your firearm muzzle.

Never point the muzzle of your firearm at yourself or anyone else, even if it is unloaded.

Know your firearm and its ammunition.

Before you load, be sure your firearm is in safe operating condition and the barrel is free of obstructions. Double check the specifications of your ammunition to be sure it fits your firearm.

Do not load your firearm before you are ready.

Why take chances? When traveling to and from your hunting blind, take down or have your actions open, and always carry your firearms unloaded in their cases.

Be sure of your target - and beyond - before you squeeze the trigger.

Be sure that you have carefully identified your target, then look past it to be sure it is safe to shoot. Hunters need to keep track of buildings, roadways, and other hunters.

Beware of fatigue when hunting.

When you've been out in the woods a long time, fatigue can cause accidents. A loaded firearm can accidentally fire with a single, unexpected jar - so watch your step.

Don't take chances with a loaded firearm.

Never step over fences, jump ditches, or make other awkward or unbalanced moves while holding a loaded firearm.

Use care when practicing.

When shooting for practice, make sure your backstop will prevent ricochets and protect bystanders. Bullets can ricochet off water, rocks, trees, metal, and other hard surfaces.

Store your firearms safely.

When not in use, always store firearms unloaded, away from ammunition, and out of the reach of children and inexperienced users.

Remember: Alcohol, drugs and firearms don't mix.

Never consume alcohol or other mood-altering drugs before or during target shooting or hunting.

Cable-style gun locks are available to Rochester residents at no charge Cable-style gun locks are available to Rochester residents at no charge

Cable-style gun locks are available to Rochester residents at no charge

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