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Police Private Detail Program

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Program Information

The Police Private Detail Program permits a business, organization or person to obtain the services of off-duty police officers, through the Police Department, for assignments at events or work requiring traffic control, crowd control or security. The program is administered by the Police Department, on behalf of the Town, under provisions of its contract with the Rochester Police Brotherhood, the bargaining unit for all Rochester Police Officers.

Requestors for the assignment of officers under this program are separated into three categories.

  • The first category is Town Details. these are details requested by other Town of Rochester departments or where an event is being worked exclusively by Town employees, or is sponsored by Town departments or other Town-government entity.
  • The second category includes regular Police Private Detail requestors that have been specifically exempted from the pre-payment of fees and may have their requests handled over the telephone by dispatchers at the Rochester Communications Department. At this time, only licensed public utility companies are exempt from the prepayment requirement.
  • The last category consists of all others, including schools and government entities, which must complete the form on the reverse of these instructions in order to request the assignment of Police Private Detail Officers and must pay in advance by check or money order for all detail work, without exception before the request will be filled.

Upon completing the printable online form or the form available at the Rochester Police Department, the requestor must bring it to the Police Department located at 29 Dexter Lane in Rochester, along with a check or money order for the appropriate payment. These details are handled during normal business hours only. Upon approval of the Chief or his designee, the Police Department will authorize the assignment of police personnel. No other Town office or department may accept payment or issue authorization to fill these details. No work or event requiring a Police Private Detail Officer will be permitted to commence prior to the assignment of the officer.

The rate for Police Private Details is $52.00 per hour, plus a 10% Administrative Fee for a total of $57.20 per hour. Detail assignments are for a minimum of four hours and any detail request not cancelled at least eight hours in advance will be required to pay the four-hour minimum expense. For any detail that extends more than four hours, a minimum of eight hours will be charged. For any detail work that extends beyond eight hours, the rate will be $78.00 per hour, plus the 10% Administrative Fee, for a total rate of $85.80 hourly.

Except for schools or non-profit organizations, detail work on Sundays, Town holidays or between the hours of 6:00 PM and 6:00 AM will be charged $78.00 hourly, plus the 10% Administrative Fee, for a total hourly rate of $85.80 (with the same minimum hourly requirements as above).

In the event a police cruiser is also required, or is determined to be necessary by a Police Department supervisor for the safety of the assigned officer or others, the rate for the cruiser shall be $75.00 for up to four hours, $150.00 for four to eight hours, and $20.00 per hour for any hours over eight.

Let the Rochester Police provide security for your next special event Let the Rochester Police provide security for your next special event

Let the Rochester Police provide security for your next special event

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