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Communicator Emergency Notification System

Rochester Public safety departments can call upon the Plymouth County's Communicator system to reach residents in a wide area or a single neighborhood to spread urgent public safety information.

In the event of an emergency in your community, residents with listed telephone numbers will be automatically called. It's rare to receive a call from Communicator. If Communicator calls your home please understand local and county officials have determined public notification will produce more positive than negative results.

When you pick up your phone, you will hear a recorded message detailing the emergency situation and what action needs to be taken if any.

The system has been used to alert residents to house break-ins, severe weather and shelter locations, hostage situations, and hazardous spills and to solicit the public's assistance in search of missing persons.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I receive the message if I have an unpublished number?

You will NOT receive a call from Communicator. You may contact the Plymouth County Sheriff's Department to request your number be listed in our database at 508-830-6324 or print and complete the Authorization Form and mail it to the Sheriff's Department.

What if I am not home or unavailable to take the call from Communicator?

If you have an answering machine, the Communicator will leave a message. If you do not have an answering machine the call will be returned to Communicator as unanswered.

If I notice on my caller ID that I missed a call from the Communicator is there a number I can call to receive a message?

Yes, the number is 508-732-3900. A recorded message will notify you of any current emergency situations.

Can I receive a message if I use call blocking or call intercept?

Generally, if you use these services, Communicator cannot deliver a message.

For more information contact the Rochester Police Department, or the Plymouth County Sheriff's Department Field Services Division at 508-830-6324 or

Reflective House Numbers

"We Can't Help You If We Can't Find You..." In an emergency, valuable minutes can be lost if Police, Fire, or Emergency Medical personnel cannot locate your home. Don't let this happen to you. Please order your reflective house number today. Applications are available at the Police Station or at the Council On Aging. Or, you can Print the Order Form on this web site.

Community Bulletin Board

The Rochester Police Department, in partnership with several local community groups, erected a community bulletin board on Route 105 near Dempsey's Village Sampler in the center of town. The board will be used to keep the community advised of upcoming events in town. If you would like to have an event or announcement posted on the board, please download the Rochester Community Bulletin Board Use Request Form and follow the directions listed on it.

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